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With aid of the app „Files“, you have access to all of your files stored in the Collaboration Cloud. Due to the used system ressources, the following restrictions apply at the moment:

  • The data storage within the Collaboration Cloud Storage is 50GB for staff and 10GB for students each.
  • The maximum size of a single file is restricted to 10GB.


Within the folder Shares, you can find all folders that you have shared or that have been shared to you. They have the following characteristics:

  • You can share your own folders or files with other users via the item “Share”.
  • You can control both the names and the access rights yourself.
  • Folders that have been shared by you to other users burden your own data storage.
  • In case you leave the university, all the files are going to be deleted and will not be available for the other users. For such projects you should therefore apply for a [en:services:collabcloud:groupfolders|group folder]] via the helpdesk.


You can recognise the group folders by the symbol external storage They have the following characteristics.

  • Group folders are provided and authorised by the administration.
  • The content within group folders does not burden your own data storage.
  • In case you leave the university, these files are not going to be deleted. Thus, the other group members can still access them.

Further information can be found here.

Own Folders and Files

All the other folders and files in the „Alle Dateien“ (ENG: „All Files“) menu are your personal ones. Some folders (e.g. from the apps) are being created automatically.

  • Own folders and files can be synchronised locally from the desktop client. In doing so, they become available for offline use and can be edited at all times.

Tip: Create the “personal“ folder in your Nextcloud for personal data and use it to store your personal folder- and file-structure. Otherwise, the view could become very confusing due to group-folders.

Remark: Do not create a register with the prefix „JHS“ in the Nextcloud root folder, because they are reserved for the integration of the group-folders.


There are different possibilities to access the files in the Collaboration Cloud Storage environment of the Jade University: