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With aid of the app „Files“, you have access to the following types of files and folders:


You can recognise the group folders by the symbol external storage under „Alle Dateien“ (ENG: „All Files“) in the left menu. Further information can be found here.

Own Folders and Files

All the other folders and files in the „Alle Dateien“ (ENG: „All Files“) menu are your personal ones.

  • Own folders and files can be synchronised locally from the Nextcloud client. In doing so, they become available for offline use and can be edited at all times.
  • By using the item „Teilen“ (ENG: „Share“), you can grant other Nextcloud users access to your personal folders and files. Please note that these files are deleted completely when you leave the university and stop being a member. Thus, you should apply for a group folder when working on important projects with others.

Tip: Create the “personal“ folder in your Nextcloud for personal data and use it to store your personal folder- and file-structure. Otherwise, the view could become very confusing due to group-folders.

Remark: Do not create a register with the prefix „JHS“ in the Nextcloud root folder, because they are reserved for the integration of the group-folders.


There are different possibilities to access the files in the Collaboration Cloud Storage environment of the Jade University: