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Cisco Webex offers the possibility of holding two types of meetings.

  • Scheduled meetings
  • Ad-hoc meetings

In order to be able to participate in the system as an organizer, you must have access to the university computer centre.

Note: No registration is required to attend a meeting.



To participate in a meeting you need an invitation. In this invitation, you will find a link “Join meeting” which leads you directly to the meeting. Joining a meeting is possible 5 minutes before the actual meeting.

Before use, it is recommended to install the Cisco WebEx Client. the download can be found here.

Before joining you can adjust the audio options.

After successfully joining you can turn on your video or mute the microphone. You can find a detailed overview of all options here.


In order to be able to organize a Webex meeting, you must first apply for access to the university computer centre. This is done by emailing the following address:

  • Application

You can then log in using the login link. The first time you log in, you must assign a password.

After registering, you have the option to hold two types of meeting:

  • Ad-Hoc Meeting
  • Scheduled meeting

Ad-Hoc Meeting

You can start this meeting after logging in → Home - Meeting. You will be connected directly to your personal space. The address of this room can also be found in the home area. The link looks like this: You can send this link to your meeting partner, who can then also connect to your room via this link.

Scheduled Meeting

The more common form is a scheduled meeting. The following steps are necessary to organize such a meeting:

  • Home –> Schedule a meeting
  • Meeting type –> Webex Meetings Pro Meeting
  • Determine the topic of the meeting
  • Set the date and time
  • Add participants

The audio connection options, agenda and scheduling options are optional.

If you then click “Schedule Appointment”, an invitation will automatically be sent to all participants. At the selected time, everyone can then connect to the meeting with this invitation.

You can find a detailed overview of all options here.

Outlook integration

The connection to Outlook is via a plugin. You can download this from the page in the Downloads area. The name is “Cisco Webex Productivity Tools”.
Note: Please log in first.
The name is „Cisco Webex Productivity Tools“.
After successful installation, you can set up a Webex appointment directly via Outlook.
To do this, simply click on Schedule meeting in the Appointments area.

Or you can use the Webex app to organize a meeting. The Outlook appointment calendar then opens automatically.

The invitee will receive the link to join the meeting via email.


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