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The PC service within the PC technology service group of the University Computing Centre (HRZ) is responsible for setting up operational stationery and mobile PCs to participate in all other IT services offered by the HRZ at the Jade University (JADE-HS).

Terms of Use

All university members can use the PC service with the exception of students who are inactive employment with the JADE-HS.

Furthermore, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • The PC must have been obtained from the HRZ with a positive opinion and must be in service.
  • The PC must be officially supported by the manufacturer for the Microsoft Windows 10 - 64bit operating system (driver support).
  • The PC must consist of one of the following standardized workplace PC series of the Dell framework contract with the JADE-HS:
    • Stationary PCs: Dell OptiPlex series 790, 7010, 7020, 5040, 5050, 5060, 5070, 7070
    • Mobile PCs: Dell Latitude series

If these terms of use do not apply, you may not be able to take full advantage of the PC service. In this case, PC technology can provide advice. If you do the operating system installation yourself, these submenu items will help you:

  • Devices: Registration of devices that are to be operated on the network infrastructure of the JADE-HS.
  • PC installation: Notes on installing the operating system on PC clients
  • Virtual machines: Notes on operating virtual machines on PC clients

Scope of work

The PC service includes the following scope of work:

  • Stationary PCs:
    • Hardware control, possibly BIOS / UEFI update
    • Installation of the operating system and operating system updates
    • Configuration of the operating system
      • Allocation of a unique computer name (hostname)
      • If possible, GDPR-compliant data protection settings
    • Integration in the PC network system
      • Automatic drive connection
      • Software distribution menu
      • Installation of the virus scanner from the software distribution menu
  • Mobile PCs:
    • Hardware control, possibly BIOS / UEFI update
    • Installation of the operating system and operating system updates
    • Configuration of the operating system
      • Allocation of a unique computer name (hostname)
      • Integration into the work station group HS-WOE
      • If possible, GDPR-compliant data protection settings
    • Installation of a virus scanner and updating of the virus scanner signatures
    • Installation of standard software
      • Microsoft Office
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
    • Microsoft Outlook configuration (at pickup)
    • Configuration of the wireless network connection (at pickup)

Please pay attention to:

  • Stationary PCs should be delivered without cables.
  • Mobile PCs must be delivered with the associated power supply.
  • Application and user data (documents, tables, graphics, etc.) must be copied to an external data medium by the user before handing in the PC since a complete reinstallation is carried out. The HRZ is not liable for data loss!

The HRZ cannot install any other software products that may be required.

For the installation of specialist applications, you should contact the employees working in the area. You may also be able to get information from the IT representative in the department.

Change from Windows 7 to 10

In January 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting the Windows 7 operating system. On May 20, 2019, JADE-HS employees were informed by the HRZ via email. All central facilities will be promptly converted to the new operating system by the HRZ.

The departments can also be supported by the HRZ during the conversion as long as the above-mentioned conditions of use for the PC service are met. In this case, make a request to PC technology:


  • Personally in the room ELS-W202
  • By phone
  • Ticket system
    • Open a ticket in our helpdesk and select the subject area “PC technology”.


  • At the place of study in Oldenburg, the PC service for the departments is also provided by the department itself, please contact Wilfried Ramke.


When it arrives in PC technology, the device is placed on a list and is usually processed in this order. We can usually process up to three PCs at the same time because the space is limited. The conversion of the PCs to Microsoft Windows 10 will take some time, depending on the current utilization of the PC technology, which cannot be calculated in advance.