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PC Installation

When using the Windows 10 operating system at the Jade University of Applied Sciences, the following instructions must be observed to ensure reliable and largely data protection-compliant operation:


  • Make a backup of your data if you don't want to install new hardware with Windows 10. Save this backup on an external data medium.
  • Before the installation, you must first determine the hostname of your device, as this is required for the installation. This process is described under DNS-DHCP.
  • Creation of a suitable installation medium::
    • Authorized users can find the installation medium in the PC network system at X:\Downloads\Microsoft Campus\Windows. Use these ISO files to create a bootable installation medium (a USB stick, e.g. with Rufus).
    • Please only use Windows 10 in the Enterprise version. All other available versions of Windows 10 do not meet the recommendations for the data economy. You can find out the differences between the Microsoft Windows editions here and read the data protection declaration here.


  • Installation type: Select “User-defined” here. Please note that locally existing data will be deleted.
  • Partitioning
    • First delete all partitions
    • Create a new partition with “New”. Select either all or part of the hard drive. If you want an integer drive size in the Windows 10 operating system at the end, you must specify the desired size of the drive increased by 500MB (Legacy Boot) / 566MB (EFI Boot). Example: If you want a hard disk size of 100GB, you must specify a size of 100 x 1024MB + 500MB = 102900MB (Legacy Boot) / 100 x 1024MB + 566MB = 102966MB (EFI Boot) when partitioning.
  • Under Get on quickly please do not select “Use express settings”, but “Customize”. First slide all switches to the Off setting.
  • Under “Select the type of connection” please select “Join a local Active Directory domain”.
  • Under “Create an account for this PC” you have to assign a (local) user name:
    • If the device is later to be integrated into the PC network system (this usually applies to fixed PCs), it must be added to our Active Directory at the end. In this case, please do not use your user name at the Jade University (but your lowercase first or last name).
    • If the device should not later be integrated into the PC network system (this usually applies to notebooks), it does not have to be included in our Active Directory at the end. In this case, please use your user name at the Jade University.
  • Under “Get to know Cortana” please select the setting “Not now”.


  • Under Control Panel / System, change the computer name to the hostname assigned by the HRZ in the form pcXXXXX or moXXXXX. Select “HS-WOE” as the working group.
  • Reinstall any missing device drivers.
  • Install appropriate virus protection. You can find information here.
  • Run the Windows Update and install all updates available for the operating system
  • If your device is to participate in the PC newtork system, please contact the PC technology of the university computer center.
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