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Operating system changeover

For the operating system Microsoft Windows 7, the manufacturer has ended regular support as of 01/15/2015 and extended support as of 01/14/2020. As a result, the University Computing Center has not provided any devices with the above-mentioned operating system since 01.08.2019 in the performance of its operational responsibility for IT at Jade University.

The staff members of JADE-HS were informed about this circumstance by the HRZ via email for the first time on May 20, 2019.

The official devices of the administration and central facilities will be switched over by the HRZ. The departments can also be supported by the HRZ in the conversion of official devices as long as the conditions of use for PC service are met.

In order to receive support with the changeover of the operating system, staff members should open a ticket in the customer portal of the Ticketsystem. When doing so, report as much of the following information as possible:

  • Contact person for the device
  • Organizational unit
  • Location & room
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Size of RAM memory
  • Hard disk storage size and type
  • PC name
    • pc2xxxx, pc3xxxx, pc4xxxx, mo1xxxx
    • pc2-xxxxx, pc3-xxxxx, pc4-xxxxx, mo1-xxxxx,


  • Please also notify us of devices where you feel a change to a supported operating system version may be problematic.
  • At the study location Oldenburg the PC service for the departments is also provided by the department itself, please contact Wilfried Ramke here.

The device will be put on a list when it arrives at PC Technology and will usually be processed in that order. At this point in time, we are equipping PCs/notebooks with Microsoft Windows 10 in the Enterprise version, as only this operating system version can fulfil the specifications for the data economy. The conversion of the PCs will take some time depending on the current workload of the PC technology, which cannot be calculated exactly in advance.

Please also note the information at:

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