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General Information

In the area of messaging, the university computing centre uses the product “Cisco Jabber”. Due to this service being linked to a telephone number, it is only available for staff.


Start Cisco Jabber on your device of the PC-system-network. The program is provided in the software provision menu. of the computing centre.

On devices which are not part of the PC-system-network can you download the program with the following links.:

Cisco Jabber for Windows

Cisco Jabber for Apple OS X


After installing and starting Cisco Jabber, the first thing that happens is a discovery process.
Here you give your e.g.

To register, please enter only your user name and your university password. Using the ending for at this point causes an error.
If you are inside the university, or you are using Cisco Jabber in a virtual desktop, the login screen will change, see below.

After login, the Cisco Jabber window opens.


No. Brief Description Explanation
1 Logged in Person This is the name of the person, which has logged into the client.
2 Own Status The own status is indicated here. It can be changed manually by clicking on the status or the triangle.
3 Search Box The search box to select directly, to search for a contact and call it or to add a contact to the contact list.
4 Group Name Name of the created group.
5 Contact Contact box and added person.
6 Status of the Contact Absence message of the contact.
7 Chat and Call Symbol A contact can be called or messaged directly via this symbol. If multiple numbers are deposited, a menu with all options will pop up.
8 Contact List When selected, the contact list will be displayed in the Cisco Jabber client.
9 Chatroom When selected, the available chatrooms are being displayed.
10 Calls When selected, missed or taken calls are displayed.
11 Voicemail When selected, the last mailbox messages are displayed.
12 Calendar When selected, the appointments are displayed in the Cisco Jabber client.
13 Pickup / Collective Line Group When selected, the existing pickup group and/or the status of the collective line group will be displayed. It can be changed by a push button.
14 Contact Picture / Status Colour Picture of the contact with a coloured status next to it.
15 Telephone Choices Here you can decide whether you want to make calls with the computer or the telephone.

Add contacts

  • To add a contact via the search box, click on the plus symbol next to the name of the contact.
  • After having selected the contact, a group can be created. We recommend doing so. To create a group, click the Button „New Group“ and name it. When you already have multiple groups, you will need to select the right one when adding a contact. If a person is not indicated in your contact list after you have added her/him, then this person does not have a Cisco Jabber user account and is not saved as an Outlook contact.
  • If you want your contacts to have pictures in Cisco Jabber, they must be existing as an Outlook contact with a picture. Remark: If a contact is not being displayed correctly or the picture does not synchronise correctly, please restart the Cisco Jabber client.


  • The selection of the Audio Device which should be used by default is done via Settings –> Audio. Under the item Advanced,» you define the order top-down.


  • To define, whether you want to make your calls with the computer or the telephone, click onto the telephone choice symbol in the bottom left corner of the Cisco Jabber client and select between:
    • „Use my computer for calls“
    • „Use my telephone for calls“
  • You can set up forwarding with the same symbol by selecting „Forward Calls“.
  • To call a contact, go over the contact with your mouse and click the telephone symbol. If multiple numbers are deposited, select the right one out of the menu.
  • Calls can be made too by typing in the number into the search box.
  • By clicking on the „Calls“ symbol, you can see all the taken (grey) and missed (red) calls. Clicking onto the telephone directly calls the person.
  • After clicking onto the voicemail symbol, individual messages can be listened to on the computers (provided you have applied for an answerphone at the computing centre).
  • The status of the contact is shown to you in different colours and information:
    • Green: Contact is reachable
    • Orange: Contact is absent or currently in the middle of a phone call
    • Red: Contact does not want to be disturbed
    • Grey: Contact is offline

Jabra Headset

Jabra Direct for Windows or MAC can be downloaded under the following link: Jabra Direct

Please install and start the software after downloading it.

Search for updates by clicking the respective “Updates” button and install them, if necessary. Please go to “Settings” and check, whether “Preferred Softphone” is set to “Cisco Jabber”.

After that, please log into the Cisco Jabber Client. In case you are already logged in, log out and log in again.

Go to settings “Gear - Options”, audio settings and then to “Extended”, in order to check whether “Jabra Evolve LINK” is set to position 1. If this is not the case, please adjust it with the arrow buttons and click “Adopt”.

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