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Different software packages allow you direct access to the Collaboration Cloud of the Jade University.


For comfortable use, you can set up the access to the files within the Collaboration Cloud directly in LibreOffice. Do the following within LibreOffice:

  • File / Open from Server
  • Add Service
    • Type: WebDAV
    • Host:
    • Safe Connection: Activated (Port: 443)
    • Labelling: JADE-HS - Collaboration Cloud (or short: JADE-HS - CC)
    • Root: /remote.php/webdav/
  • Username: Standard login (form: ma1150).
  • Save password permanently: Activated

Remark: Depending on the operation system, you might be asked for a master password at the end. A master password is a password for the central password-memory of the operation system. Here, you need to type in the respective password for your password-memory (or you can confirm it in the second field below, in case you have not used the password-memory before.)

Subsequent to that, you will have access to your complete folder- and file structure within the Collaboration Cloud.