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Time Service

In Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven the HRZ operates with two high-precision LANTIME M300 time servers from Meinberg, which are synchronized via GPS.

Devices that are connected to the Jade University's network via LAN (e.g. PCs)

  • Devices within the PC network system
    • These devices are automatically synchronized with the correct time and therefore do not need to be configured.
  • Devices outside the PC network system
    • These devices please use one of the following time servers:

These servers can only be used within the three study locations using the NTP protocol.

Devices that are connected to the Jade University network via WiFi (e.g. notebooks)

  • These devices please use the time server

This server can also be used outside the university using the NTP protocol.

Note: For security reasons, access to external time synchronization sources is blocked within the Jade University.

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