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Identity Management Systems

The identity management systems service group of the computing centre (HRZ) deals with the authentication and authentication systems of users.

The service group identity management systems work on the following services:

Account Application Portal

This service is responsible for the operation of the account application portal, which is used to request user accounts for employees from the authorized units. More information can be found here.


This service is responsible for the authentication of services using the DFN-AAI and LDAP.


The DFN-AAI is a service of the DFN association for scientific institutions that creates the necessary relationship of trust - as well as an organizational and technical framework - for the exchange of user information between institutions and (commercial) providers. Applications that use the DFN-AAI are e.g. research databases, portals as well as e-science and e-learning systems. More information can be found here.


The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a network protocol for querying and changing information in directory services.

Directory Services

The group prosecutes our NetIQ eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory Services. Directory Services are databases, which are specialised on fast access to data. In this database all information of the users and their group memberships etc. will be well-kept.

Password Portal

This service is responsible for the operation of the password portal, with the help of which users can handle all matters relating to their password themselves. More information can be found here.

Certificate Services

This service supports users in the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) operated by the DFN association. With the help of the DFN-PKI, members of the university can receive digital certificates according to the X.509 standard. These enable

  • Signing and encryption of files and documents
  • Signing and encryption of emails
  • Creation of tap-proof network connections via SSL / TLS

Further information can be found on the DFN-PKI website. To create a digital certificate, start here.

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