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Plotters (Computing Centre PC Rooms)

In some PC rooms of the computing centre, plotters are provided. Their acquisition and instigation is not funded by “Studienqualitätsmitteln”. This is why these plotters are accessible for all members of the Jade University. Using them, however, costs money at all locations of the university.

Basis of Calculation

Labelling Costs
DIN A0 2,00€


With the start of the summer semester 2016, it is possible for students to “recharge” their plot balance by themselves. This can be done at the transfer machines at two of three university locations: (WHV: SE22 / OL: MR114). Needed plot balance is debitted from the wallet of the CampusCard and transferred into the plot system. This ensures an individual allocation in a very short amount of time. There is no more back-up neccessary from the AStA or others.

Staff can recharge their plot balance in the computing centre with aid of this form. Please print and fill it out in advance and then hand it in at the computing centre.