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The ChatSecure Messenger App is a free, open source XMPP/Jabber chat-client for Apple iOS with support for OMEMO encryption.




At first, the own Jabber-ID needs to be entered in ChatSecure:

  • Add existing account:
    • Nickname: Name, which is shown to the chat partner (normally last name, first name)
    • Username: <username>
    • Password: Your password

Chat Partner

Contrary to popular messengers, the chat partners in XMPP/Jabber are not automatically available. They need to be added once.

  • Write message (top left)
  • Add contact
  • Username: Type in the Jabber-ID of the chat partner
  • Name: Indicated name (normally last name, first name)
  • Add-Symbol (+) in the top right corner

Normally, an indication that says “Pending Approval” will appear after tapping “Write Message” again. It will remain there until the chat partner has accepted the request for communication. When this happens, you will receive a message saying “You and your chat partner are now friends.”

At the end, you should set up the encryption. This needs to be done individually for every chat partner: * write message (top left corner) * select contact * select the circled „I“ (top right corner) * activate extended encryption settings

  • select OMEMO
  • remark: If you would also like to chat within the web surface of the XMPP Chat, you need to select „Nur Klartext“ (ENG: „Only plain text“). The chat client within the web surface of the CCS does not support end to end encryption.
  • Save (top right)