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User Accounts

To create a user account, the computing centre needs some information or data about a person. What they are needed and used for will be explained in the following.

First Name, Last Name, Birthdate

The combination of a whole name and the according date of birth serves as the distinct identification of a person. First name and last name build the first part of the e-mail address.

Degree, Sex

The degree and the sex of a person are used for the correct form of address in automated letters.


The picture can be used in the team-info and on the CampusCard.

Location of Studies, Organisation Unit, Group of Persons

With aid of these attributes, access rights for data systems and applications are mapped.

SAP Number

The SAP number of members of the university is used for a comparison with the human resources department.

Responsible Persons

All user accounts, which have not been created via the human resources department or student matters, have to be assigned a responsible person. This person takes account for the legitimacy of the creation of that user account.

Inception of Treaty and Expiration of the Contract

With the attributes inception of treaty and expiration of the contract, the user account of a person is activated, deactivated and -finally- deleted to meet the contractual terms. To find out about the exact points of time, when an account is deactivated or deleted, go to the menu item identity management.


In the input box for remarks, further information can be forwarded to us (e.g. information about the course etc.).

User Accounts for other persons

After consultation according to the Ordnungen und Verträge, the university computing centre creates user accounts for other persons, as long as these persons do not fall within the competence of other institutions.

Only members of the university, excluding students, are allowed to apply for user accounts for other persons.

While doing so, at least the following information are mandatory.

  • Prefixed Degree:
  • First Name:
  • Last Name
  • Followed Degree:
  • Gender:
  • Birth Date:
  • Study Location:
  • Organisational Unit:
  • Group of Persons:
  • Responsible Person:
  • Start of Contract:
  • End of Contract:
  • Remark: (e.g. indication of measurement)

Application Form

To file an application for a user account, the authorised units need to use and fill in this form.

Please consider the following information when filing an application:

  • The application for user accounts is only allowed for natural persons. It is not allowed to file applications for test accounts or those intended for special functions.
  • Please check, whether the user already exists with aid of the button „Nach <Name> suchen“ (ENG: „Search for <name>“), right after the entry of first name and last name. If this is the case, please do not apply for that user account and turn to the computing centre to avoid duplicate accounts.
  • When you are not sure about the birth date, enter 1900-01-01, first. As soon as you receive the correct birth date, please hand it in at the university computing centre to ensure the distinct identification of the person.
  • When selecting the group of people, there is always an example under the group of persons to help you.
  • Please type in the name of the applying person (normally not yourself) into the input box “Verantwortliche Person” (ENG: „Responsible Person“).
  • Please always leave a note in the respective input box for user accounts with a short life span. This helps with the correlation to the person, if further inquiries on the part of the computing centre are made. (Example: Summerschool 2017)
  • After finishing the application, you will soon receive an e-mail. Click on the link that comes with it to generate the data sheet for the access data and forward it to the respective person. Do not forward the original e-mail, because only the applying person is able to generate the data sheet with the access data.