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Identity Management

Identity management describes the management of user data, which are assigned to one specific person. In real life, there are several identities assigned to one person, too (such as a driver's license, credit card or ID).

In university, you get allocated an identity, because you are a user of IT-resources. It is secured by a combination of a username and a password (called user account in the following). Such an identity is vital, when personal data are wanted to be provided and consistently accessible at all times.

A central task of the university computing centre is to consolidate the different identities in the IT-systems (e-mail, operation system, internet access etc.) to one person. This results in every user only needing one user account and being freed of having to remember usernames and passwords for all different kinds of services.

Every user account holds an e-mail-address, has access to the data drives, can log into the work places in the Jade University, can use the Wi-Fi and is in the position to use many more services. A special clearing is generally not necessary.

How do I get assigned a user account?

The user accounts are applied for corresponding to the guidelines and basic information by different units of the university computing centre. If you still have not been assigned a user account, please direct your questions concerning the first set-up of your user account at the respective institution.

After the receipt of your access data, you should change your password. Every user account passes through a life cycle, starting from the application and ending with the deactivation and the final deletion.