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By dint of WebDAVs, university members can access the data drives of the Jade University´s network system of computers on and outside of the campus. This is made possible with aid of a WebDAV-client and a secured, encrypted connection.

Apple macOS

Finder / Connect with Server

  • Server Address:
  • Connect as a registered user / Name: Standard Login (form: ma1150)
  • Save password in keychain
  • Site-Profile Name: “JADE HS - PC-Verbundsystem” (short: JADE-HS - PCVS)


Files / Type in Location

  • Location: davs://
  • Username: Standard Login (form: ma1150)
  • Password: Your password
  • Optional: Never forget the password (password is saved in the local keychain)
  • Optional: Add bookmark and rename into “JADE-HS - Network System of Computers”

Microsoft Windows

Given that the WebDAV-client, which is contained in the operation system Microsoft Windows, unfortunately only works quite unsoundly, you need to install and configure a WebDAV compatible software, first. This is why the university computing centre has aquired licenses for the WebDAV compatible software WebDrive. You can find it in the WebFiler under

  • JADE-HS - Dateien (X:) / HRZ-Support / WebDrive
  • Select the folder according to your operation system
  • Microsoft Windows users normally need to select the 64-bit WebDrive Client (webdrive64…exe)

After successfull intallation and connection of the license on your computer, please configure it in the following way:

  • Type of Server: Secure WebDAV
  • URL / Address:
  • Username: Standard Logj (form: ma1150)
  • Password: Your password
  • Further Settings:
    • General Settings / DAV:
      • Lock Owner-Feature: <PC-Name> <Your name> (e.g. mo2xxxx Max Mustermann)
      • Activate automatic shut of the DAV: Activated
    • File Settings/ File:
      • Activate List Note Change (unten): Cache Settings / Options
      • More Users: Activated
  • Site-Name: JADE-HS - PC-Verbundsystem (short: JADE-HS - PCVS)
  • Drive: Y:\

After successful configuration, you need to license WebDrive:

  • Wihtin the list mentioned above, you will find the file Lizenz.txt. Copy its serial number.
  • In the Webdrive-Client, select
    • App-Settings / General / License Information
    • Selec the Button „Activate License“
    • Paste the serial number