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At the Jade University, the username always consists of a combination of 2 letters followed by 4 digits:

  • 2 letters: They are created with the first two letters of the first name. A big advantage of this system is that the username does not need to be changed after the change of your last name, e.g. caused by a marriage.
  • 4 digits: Anonymous, ongoing number, which is seperated into three areas:
    • 1000-1999: Members of the Jade University - “Staff”
    • 2000-8999: Members of the Jade University - “Students”
    • 9000-9999: Other persons according to the IT terms of use

To use the single services, you usually need to log in by using your access data, consisting of username and password.

The services are provided with aid of software from different producers, whilst the used software needs a different connection to the identity management system (IDM) due to its technical implementation. This is why the university computing centre runs two IDMs, which meet the different reqiurements of the services. Like this, the combination of username and password can be confirmed.

Because of that, the username for one service differs from others. Each form of the username is described during the login process, though. There are the following login forms:

Standard Login

The login happens with the form “username”. You solely enter the username as indicated in your access data into the respective field.

  • Example:
    • Username: ma1150

Domain Login

The login happens with the form “”. You solely enter the username as indicated in the access data, completed by the domain into the respective field.

  • Example:
    • Username:

An older notation of the domain login is the form “HS-WOE\username”, but this form is usually not neccessary anymore.

  • Beispiel:
    • Username: HS-WOE\ma1150


  • The domain HS-WOE / has been created out of the legal name “Hochschule Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth” of the Jade University. When the university was founded on the 01.09.2009, the term “Jade University” did not exist, yet.
  • The domain login is not to be confused with the e-mail login:
    • Domain Login always ends with at the Jade University
    • E-Mail-Addresses always end with, or at the Jade University.