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The computing centre offers a cloud-based storage with aid of the “ownCloud” software.


ownCloud is a cloud service for the central strorage of data. Storage systems from the project “Niedersachsen Storage-Cloud” are made available for the Jade University. More specifically, there is a system used for ownCloud in Oldenburg and a copy of all data is carried out onto the system in Wilhelmshaven. Additionally, the data are encrypted when transmitted and stored. This way, a high level of security is ensured. Staff can resort to 50 GB storage space, students get to use up to 10GB. To log into ownCloud, please use your username (e.g. ma1000) and the according password.

You can use ownCloud in different ways:

In addition to data storage, ownCloud offers the following possible actions:

  • viewing documents in many multimedia formats and standard formats directly in the webbrowser
  • sharing files, registers, calendars and address registers
  • calendar registers and address registers can be created referring to a specific topic or project
  • collective editing of text documents
  • restoration of edited or deleted data


To use the provided ownCloud storage via Windows explorer, you can set up a WebDAV connection. This works as described in the following:

  • Windows 7: Windows Explorer / Menu Extras / Connect Network Drive
  • Windows 8: Windows Explorer / Menu Computer / Connect Network Drive
  • Windows 10: Windows Explorer / Menu Computer / Connect Network Drive

Next, the letter of the drive needs to be decided on (e.g. O:). The address is inserted into the “folder” field. Thereupon, a request for the login details appears twice. The connection should be established successfully after that.

Remarks for Windows Users: If the network connection is not restored after a restart of the computer, please check the following:

  • Open the „service“ view in the system control and search for the service “WebClient”.
  • Click on the service with the right mouse button and select the menu item “Characteristics”.
  • Change the starting type from “manual” to “automatic”.
  • Save the adjustments by clicking on “OK”.
  • Restart the computer.

Important Remarks / FAQ:

  • Your data are encrypted when stored on the ownCloud server. Because of that, you need to type in your new password into the ownCloud web surface after every password change to update the encryption. Therefore, please log in here: and follow the instructions.
  • Error message: “Für folgende Benutzer ist keine Verschlüsselung eingerichtet: ab1234” (ENG: “There is no encryption installed for the following user: ab1234”): If an error message like this appears when you try to share folders or files, you need to activate your ownCloud user account non-recurrently by logging in here: .
  • Error Message: “Ungültiger privater Schlüssel…” (ENG: „Invalid private key…“): After login at , the error message „Ungültiger privater Schlüssel für die Verschlüsselungs-App. Bitte aktualisieren Sie Ihr privates Schlüsselpasswort, um den Zugriff auf Ihre verschlüsselten Dateien wiederherzustellen.“ (ENG: „Invalid private key for the encryption-app. Please update your key password, in order to retrieveaccess to your encrypted files.“) appears. This error occurs when you change your login password. Please click onto your name in the upper right corner and select the menu item „Persönlich“ (ENG: Personal“) and the settings for the basic encryption module: Please type in your old and your new password here.