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Quick Start Guide

Function keys on the Cisco 7945 and 7965 phones

Easy call

Enter the number and press the “Dial” softkey or lift the handset. While dialling, the phone number can be corrected at any time using the „«“ softkey. If authorization is granted, an outside line is obtained by entering a “0” beforehand.


A call can be transferred with or without a consultation (consultation before the operator): “Transfer” softkey + number + if necessary consultation + 2nd “Transfer” softkey. During the consultation, the subscriber can be withdrawn: “End of call” + softkey “Pickup” softkey


A call diversion can be carried out by pressing the “Call diversion” softkey and entering the 4-digit internal number. This is undone by simply pressing the “Call diversion” softkey. External diversions cause costs for the diversion.


Enter the phone number and press the “Dial” softkey or lift the handset. After the call partner has answered, press the “Next” and “Confer.” Softkeys. Now enter the number of the next participant and press the “Confer.” This is possible for up to 8 participants internally or externally. The list of participants can be displayed using the “Next” + “Conflict” softkeys.

Call back if the line is busy or the called party does not answer

This feature is available system-wide for all telephones, but not for calls to the public telephone network. Press the “Callback” + “End” softkeys while calling the subscriber. The next person who hangs up the handset will then signal that the other party is on the phone. After the signalling, the “Dial” softkey is pressed, which rings the desired subscriber.


A separate answering machine (Voicebox) can be set up for each VoIP telephone. Please request the answering machine here by email, the access data will then be sent to you. The configuration, discussion and listening to the answering machine is activated by the “message button” on the phone. The configuration is guided by the voice menu. The answering machine is activated by pressing the “Call diversion” softkey and the number “8000”. To deactivate the answering machine, press the “Call diversion” softkey. When messages are received, the “message lamp” lights up red.