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Conference Now

Please write an email to to be activated for this feature!

“Conference now” is a feature to start a conference call yourself. Both internal and external interlocutors can participate in this. The conference supports up to 5 participants and also video calls (video only internally).

At you have to log in first to set a PIN and a password.
To log in, use your user name (e.g. ab1234) with the associated password.

Then click on “General Settings”.
There you have to define a “PIN for telephone services” (if you have an answering machine, this step is not necessary, the PIN is the same).

Under “Conference now” you define a participant access code. This ensures access to your conference.
Your conference number is fixed (your own phone number).

If you want to start a conference, you have to go through the following steps:

1.Call +494421 985 2999 (internal speed dial 2999 can be dialed)
2. Enter your conference number (always your own internal number) and confirm with #
3. Enter your PIN for telephone services to start the conference

The conference is now started.

Participants must do the following:

1. Call +49 4421 985 2999 (internal speed dial 2999 can be dialed)
2. Enter the conference number and confirm with #
3. Enter the participant access code and confirm with #

Now you are attending the conference.