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The university computing centre offers you with the service „Messaging“ a XMPP based global messaging service under use of the software “ejabberd”.

Because the use of central messengers hosted abroad is not available in the official area due to data security reasons, we offer the use of a free and federated messenger system.

The communication within the XMPP-network is executed via a so-calledJabber-ID, which is similar to an e-mail address, form-wise. It is already existent for all members of the university in the form <Your Username> .


Within the XMPP-network, you will need an app to send a message. Contrary to other messenger systems, you can choose between different apps:

Data Security

In order to use the XMPP-network, personal data - such as e.g. a telephone number or an e-mail address - are not necessary. The usual encryption of the message leads to a uselessness of the content by the provider. Also, the providers are spread on the internet and cannot access the data centrally. Only so-called traffic-data will accrue.