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Siskin IM


Siskin IM is an easy-used and powerful Open Source XMPP/Jabber Chat-Client for Apple iOS with the support of an OMEMO encryption.


set up

With the first start of Siskin IM, you will be asked to receive push-notification and this needs to be allowed.

Jabber ID

At the beginning you need to type in your Jabber-ID in Siskin IM:

  • Sign in to an existing XMPP account or
  • …More (downright) / Add account / Add existing
    • XMPP ID: <username>
    • Password: your password
    • save (above right)


The following settings needs to be done:

  • …More (downright)
      • Click on the created account
        • Create an Avatar with a taken photo
        • If required add further information.
        • save (above right)
        • Enabled: activated
        • Enabled: activated
        • Automatic synchronization: activated
        • Sychronization: Last 14 days
      • Chats
        • Message carbons: activated
        • Request delivery receipts: activated
        • File sharing via HTTP: activated
        • Show link previews: activated
        • Auto file download limit: 1 MB (at least)
      • Contacts
        • Contacts in groups: activated
      • Experimental
        • Group chat bookmarks sync: activated


In contrary to a popular messenger with XMPP/Jabber the chat partners are not automatically available, they need to be added once to the Jabber account.

  • Contacts
  • click on this symbol (+) above right
    • JID: type in the Jabber-ID of the chatpartners
    • NAME: shown name (e.g pre- and last name)
      • Send presence updates: activated
      • Receive presence updates: activated
    • save (above right)

After clicking on the name you can start chatting.

  • With a long click on a contact, you can adjust the name.
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