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Pix-Art Messenger


The Pix-Art Messenger app is an open-source XMPP/Jabber messenger for Android.




At the beginning, the so-called Jabber-ID needs to be entered in the Pix-Art Messenger:

  • Extended Mode:
    • Jabber-ID: <Benutzername>
    • Password: Your password (check it by tapping on the “eye” symbol)
    • Create new account on server: Do not activate
    • Nickname: name, that will be seen by your chatpartner (surname, prename)
    • settings:
      • Screenshots forbidden: disabled
      • Show weblink-preview in chat: activated
      • Show map-preview in chat: activated
      • tap-notification: disabled
      • reading-and receipt confirmation: activated
      • last seen: activated

In the next step, you can select a profile picture (avatar) and share it, in order for it to be shown to the chat partners. In case there is no suitable profile picture at hand or you choose not to upload one, you can also skip this step. * Pix-Art Messenger: allow access to your contacts: decline In the following the hint “battery improvement active” will show up, which should be disabled.

  • Should the app run in the background: allow

Chat Partners

Contrary to a popular messenger, the chat partners in XMPP/Jabber are not automatically available but have to be added once.

  • In the window “Start Conversation”: Tap on the round button with the + symbol in the bottom right corner
  • Jabber-ID: Type in the Jabber-ID of the chat partner
  • Add

A chat window with a remark will open up. It says that the chat is not encrypted and this has to be done due to safety reasons by activating the lock symbol. Please confirm this remark by tapping “OK”. After that, the lock symbol in the top right corner is closed and the chat is encrypted while being transferred.

By tapping the username of the chat partner (on the top), you will have their contact details shown to you. You can name the contact with the pen symbol: Type in his/her name in the form “last name, first name”.


In the settings, you can find the following adjustments

* Pix-Art Messenger / 3 points (top right) / settings

  • availability
    • change status manual: disabled
    • absent when the monitor is off: activated
  • security and data privacy
    • warn if the chat is unencrypted: disabled
    • OMEMO encryption: standardly activated
    • desktop
      • show dynamical tags: activated


Some Smartphones - especially by the Chinese makers- end under certain circumstances (low battery, minimal use) the app Pix-Art messenger. If this happens you won't get a notification of received messages..

In this case, you can adjust the following settings of the system software.:

  • standard Android: settings / apps & notification
    • extended / particular app-access / battery-optimisation
      • Pix-Art Messenger: not optimised
  • Huawei: settings / apps / Pix-Art Messenger
    • battery
      • warn for high energy-consumption: disabled
      • start: mantain manual
        • automtical start: activated
        • run in the background: activated
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