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The aim of Gajim is to offer a fully functional and easy to handle XMPP-Client. The most important features are:

  • Chat-window with tabs or in single windows
  • Support for group-chats
  • Emoticons, avatars
  • Audio- and video-conferences
  • File transfer
  • Support for several accounts
  • Expandable scope of functions due to plugins


Linux Fedora:

sudo dnf install gajim 

Microsoft Windows:



In the beginning, the so-called Jabber-ID needs to be entered in Gajim:

  • Accounts/ +
    • Select option „Ich habe bereits ein Konto, das ich benutzen möchte“ (ENG: “I already have an account, which I would like to use”)
    • Jabber-ID: <username>
    • Password: Your password


Following settings should be done

  • Plugins:
    • OMEMO
    • clickable nicknames
    • message box size
    • Plugin Installer
    • Plugin translations
    • Url image preview
  • menu Gajim / settings
    • general
      • appearance of the chat: a window for everything
    • notification
      • show notification if a contact logs in: disabled
    • extended
      • privacy: allow to send messeges of my inactivity: disabled
      • extended configuartion editor / open
        • optional name: print_status_in_chats : Wert: disabled / type: Boolesch
        • optional name: print_status_in_muc / Wert: none / type: text

In the end, you have to restart gajim, that the changes in settings will be shown.


Add chatpartner:

  • menu accounts / add contact…
    • JID: type in the Jabber-ID of your chat partner
    • Nickname: name of your chat partner (normally surname and prename)
    • Add

How to activate message encryption:

  • In one-on-one chats the messages should be encrypted with end-to-end encryption. This is ensured due to the OMEMO-plugin.
  • Activation of the end-to.end encryption:
    • double-click on the chat partner and then click on the locker with the exclamation mark downright and activate OMEMO.
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