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E-Mail for Students

Web Access

With the aid of the web access, students can access their mails through an encrypted connection from any location.
The web access can be found here:

Remark: Please log into your account with your standard login(form: ma1150).

Access via Devices within the Network System of Computers

With aid of the central software deployment on all devices integrated into the network system of computers, products, which are configured for the instant use with your user data (e-mail-address, username), are provided. You can find them under the menu item “Kommunikation” (ENG: “Communication”).

Access via Devices outside the Network System of Computers

Devices outside the network system of computers need to be equipped with appropriate communication software. You have to install and configure it yourself.

Configuration Parameters for E-Mail Clients

Students can read their e-mails with any IMAP-capable e-mail client. Please configure this software with the following parameters:

  • Account-Type: IMAP
  • Inbox Server:
  • Inbox-Server-Port: 143
  • Encryption Method: (START-) TLS (accept all certificates)
  • Outbox Server:
  • Outbox-Server-Port: 587
  • Encryption Method: (START-) TLS (accept all certificates)
  • Username: [[en:services:idm:login|standard login] (form: ma1150)
  • Password: <Your Password>
  • Outlook E-Mail Client
  • Activate “The outbox server requires authentification” under “further settings” - “outbox server”
  • Adjust the ports and encryption as described above under “extended”

Forwarding E-Mails

Forwarding e-mails to other inboxes is not possible.