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Software delivery

Within the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) you get your software in different ways:

Virtual Desktop Environment

Here you receive software first with the usual software distribution you already know from our PC-interconnection system, the information provided here applies here accordingly. So, in practice, here too you must first apply the desired software to your virtual desktop via the software deployment menu. If the ZENworks software menu does not open automatically you can start it under Start → All Programs → HRZ Software Menu.

Virtual Desktop Environment

Here you can get software via the so-called software deployment, i.e. software does not have to be installed but is simply added to the software menu of the operating system and can be started from there.

In both cases, however, it should be noted that the licensing conditions in virtual environments have been changed by the manufacturers, in some cases significantly, compared to “real” PCs. Therefore, you will initially only find a limited range of software products on your virtual desktop.

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