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Video Control

List of currently controlled rooms including camera equipment::

Room Camera
OL-HI6 SNC-B5399P (SD)
OL-HI7 SNC-B5399P (SD)
OL-HI8 SNC-B5399P (SD)
OL-ZA222 SNC-B5399P (SD)
WHV-H304 GCI-K1523V (HD)
WHV-H310 GCI-K1523V (HD)
WHV-H311 GCI-K1523V (HD)
WHV-H312 GCI-K1523V (HD)
WHV-H313 GCI-K1523V (HD)
WHV-H314 GCI-K1523V (HD)
WHV-H315 GCI-K1523V (HD)
WHV-SE22 SNC-B5399P (SD)
WHV-SE23 SNC-B5399P (SD)
WHV-SE55 SNC-B5399P (SD)
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