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Media Systems

The devices from Extron are used as media controls in the HRZ. These offer the following advantages:

  • Uniform operating concept
  • Complete control of the projector on-site (no remote control required)
  • Access to the master place of the HRZ pool
  • Access via VGA and HDMI for notebooks
  • Access via the network using an app or software


Button Description
ON/OFF Turn the projector on and off
VGA To display your device via VGA cable
HDMI To display your device via HDMI cable
PC To display the master place in the HRZ pool room
ShareLink To display your device via app/software

The media controls are currently available in the following HRZ pool rooms:

Room ShareLink contact
ELS-W203 ShareLink HRZ
ELS-W204/205 ShareLink HRZ
OL-G10 ShareLink HRZ
OL-HI1 (Grüner Salon) ShareLink HRZ
OL-HI6 ShareLink HRZ
OL-MR102 ShareLink HRZ
OL-MR102a ShareLink HRZ
WHV-H213 ShareLink HRZ
WHV-O106 ShareLink FB-I
WHV-S106 ShareLink HRZ
WHV-S107 ShareLink HRZ
WHV-SE23/24 ShareLink HRZ
WHV-SE61c/d ShareLink HRZ

By clicking on the links above you will find further information on access and the required app/software.

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