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PC Technology

The PC technology service group of the computing center (HRZ) deals with the installation, configuration, repair and maintenance of stationary and mobile business PCs and peripheral devices of the HRZ and the central facilities.

Furthermore, she is responsible for the IT components (computers, monitors, projectors) and the electrical wiring of the tables in the pool rooms operated and supervised by the computer center.

The service group PC technology offers the following services:


Implementation of the “e-check” and service measures on electronic components of the university computer center. More information can be found here.

PC Service

The PC service is responsible for the provision of operational stationary and mobile PCs for participation in all other IT services offered by the HRZ at the Jade University. More information can be found here.


PC technology carries out hardware repairs on PCs, printers and plotters.


PC technology carries out repairs to software installations, e.g. caused by improper settings.

Virus protection and elimination

The PC technology is responsible for the installation of virus protection software and also carries out virus scans and their removal. More information can be found here.