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For the safe and trouble-free operation of all devices on the Jade University network, it is necessary that the parameters described below are used in the devices.

working groups

PC systems which are not integrated into the PC-networksystem should have the working group HS-WOE entered.



How the hostnames are created for the PC-Systems.

<Type><place of study>-<MAC>

  • Type
    • mo: mobile PCs
    • pc: stationary PCs
  • place of study
    • 1: regardless of the place of study (mobile PCs)
    • 2: Wilhelmshaven (stationary PCs)
    • 3: Oldenburg (stationary PCs)
    • 4: Elsfleth (stationary PCs)
  • MAC
    • The last 7 digits of the MAC-address of a local network adapter.

example: mo1-b5a7d9b oder pc3-04e1fc9


  • Local network adapter are permanently installed network ports in the PC-System, for example, Wi-Fi or Lan. Please don't use a MAC-address of a docking station of a connected Lan-adapter via USB.
  • In future Client-Systems don't get an assigned IP-address. The assignment proceeds dynamically out of IP-address-pools.
  • Client systems are not accessible from the Internet.
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