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Storage - NAS

computing centre external devices

Network Attached Storages (NAS) can be operated on the network of the Jade Hochschule. In order to avoid disturbances in the network communication of the Jade University and to ensure a secure power supply and cooling for the NAS, these devices should be operated in the data centre of the university computer centre. The operating responsibility is in the hands of the operating institution; the HRZ cannot provide support in this regard. Likewise, the HRZ cannot recommend any products.

  • Contact person_in: A contact person must be named to the HRZ as the responsible person.
    • This person is responsible for the safe operation and will install all security-relevant updates.
  • Location: Datacenter of the HRZ
    • Uninterruptible power supply
    • cooling
  • access:
    • Physical access is available to the contact person during opening hours after prior announcement.
  • Network: As a rule, the system is integrated into the network of the departmental servers
    • Access:
      • SMB (Port 137/138/139/udp & 445/tcp): Only university internal
      • http / WebDAV (Port 80/tcp): University internal & external
      • https / WebDAVs (Port 443/tcp): University internal & external
  • Naming: <organizational unit>-nas<2-digit serial number >
    • <Organizational unit> = fba, fbbgg, fbi, fbmit, fbsl or fbw
    • Example:
    • Working group: HS-WOE
  • Integration: There is no connection to the identity management systems of the HRZ.
    • Local user and group administration by the responsible person
  • Data drives: There is no integration into the PC-Networksystem of the HRZ.
    • Data drives: Only the drive letters A:\ to M:\ can be used to connect a network drive to the NAS system because the range N:\ to Z:\ is reserved for the systems of the HRZ.
    • The connection has to be set up manually on the using PCs.
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