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In order to use a virtual desktop, you will need the VMware Horizon Client, which is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS.

Please configure your VMware Horizon Client with the following parameters:

  • Horizon-Connection Server:
  • Username: Standard Login (form: ma1150]
  • Password: <Your password>
  • Domain: HS-WOE

After login, you will be allowed access to all virtual desktops that have been provided for you.

Alternatively, access is possible with a special end device (Dell Wyse Client or Samsung NC241 PCoIP Monitor).

VMware Horizon Client for Desktops

You can find the software for Apple macOS, Linux and Microsoft Windows

  • directly on the website of the producer under VMware Horizon Clients
  • on data drives with aid of the WebFiler or in the network system of computers under JADE-HS - Daten (X:) / HRZ-Support / Virtuelle Desktops / VMware Horizon Client (ENG: „JADE-HS - Data (X:) / Computing Centre Support / Virtual Desktops / VMware Horizon Client“)

Please do not use the VMware Horizon app from the Windows Store when using Microsoft Windows, this app is not able to process special characters with “Alt Gr” (e.g. @, €…).

VMware Horizon Client for Smartphones

You will find the software for the operation systems Apple iOS and Google Android in the respective app store. Search for the term „VMware Horizon Client“.