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Data Management and Data Protection

Because of the centre-oriented structure of the system, you should avoid saving data on the local hard drives of your virtual desktops. Instead, please use the drives X:\ and Z:\ of the network system of computers to save your official and university-related data. They are subject to the data protection.

Private data (if permitted) should be saved on USB devices.

Software Provision

Within the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), you will first receive your software with the usual software provision, which you should already know from our network system of computers. The information provided under software provision / network system of computers apply accordingly. You will need to install the desired software onto your virtual desktop via the software provision menu here, too. Please note that the licensing law basic conditions in virtual environments - on the part of the producers - have been changed noticeably to some extent, compared to the „real“ computers. This is why you will, as a start, only find a restricted palette of software products on your virtual desktop.

Antivirus Software

The virtual desktops are automatically provided with a completely configured antivirus scanner that is being used in the whole university.