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Print Services

The university computing system provides all members of the Jade University access to different devices for printing, copying, scanning and plotting.

Multifunctional Devices

You can find multifunctional devices , which can be used for printing, copying and scanning of documents, all over the campus. The equipment can be used by all members of the university. Using them comes with costs.

Plotters in the Computing Centre PC Rooms

In some of the PC rooms of the computing centre, there are plotters provided. Their acquisition and instigation is not funded by “Studienqualitätsmittel”. This is why these plotters are accessible for all members of the Jade University. Using them, however, costs money at all locations of the university.

Printers and Plotters in the Special Fields, Central Institutions and the Administration

Further information can be found under the submenu Printers (FB/ZE/VW)