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PC Rooms

The university computing centre runs a total of

  • 32 PC-rooms with 494 work places at all three study locations.

These workplaces are supplied with the operation system Windows 7 or Windows 10 and have access to the whole range of softwares. The PC-rooms have been assigned multifunctional devices and sometimes plotters. In addition, the plotters intended to support lectures are supplied with a projector.

All PC-rooms are integrated into the central, multifunctional and non-stationary network system of computers of the Jade University. The technical translation of this PC-concept holds numerous functions, like e.g.

Access to the PC-rooms run and cared for by the computing centre, respectively the provided work places, is possible without restriction during the opening hours.


  • Please note that you can only use software out of our range of software when using the PC-rooms of the computing centre. Due to reasons of system performance, you are not able to install other software.
  • Blocking a workplace is not possible in the PC-rooms run by the computing centre, because a potential blocking can not be revoked by the next user. Thus, please always log out.