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Media Control System

For the media control system, the university computing center uses devices from the company Extron. It grants the following advantages:

  • standardised operating concept
  • full control of projects on the spot (no need for control from the distance)
  • access to the master place of the computing centre PC room
  • access via VGA and HDMI for notebooks
  • access via network by means of an app or software


Key Description
ON/OFF switch projector on / off
VGA go to display of your end device per VGA cord
HDMI go to display of your end device per HDMI cord
PC go to display of master place in the computing centre PC room
ShareLink go to display of your end device per app / software

At the moment, media control systems are offered in the following PC rooms of the university computing centre:

Room ShareLink Access
OL-MR102 ShareLink
OL-MR102a ShareLink
WHV-S106 ​ ShareLink
WHV-S107 ShareLink
WHV-S107 ShareLink
WHV-SE61c ShareLink

By clicking onto the links shown above, you will receive further information about the access and the necessary app / software.