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Windows 10 - Conversion of Windows 7

In January 2020, the technical support of the operation system Windows 7 will be ceased. The staff of the Jade University has been informed by the university computing centre via e-mail on the 20th May 2019.

The university computing centre at the stdy location Wilhelmshaven is there to help with the conversion of business computers to the operation system Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise, 64 bit.

Since there have already been a lot of requests, we will describe the process in the following.

General Conditions for the Conversion

  • Entitled for the conversion are all members of the university (students excluded). They need to be in an active deployment relationship with the Jade University.
  • The computer to be converted must be in business use. Mobile computers, stationary or laboratory computers are also included.
  • The computer must be suited for Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise, 64 bit. Most

of the times, this is granted from the year of production 2010 and younger. The driver support must be granted.

Process of the Conversion

Are all general conditions met, you can send an inquiry to the PC-Technology (formerly„HRZ-Workshop“) in WHV-SE54 or via phone call under -2611 und -2615. Alternatively, you can create a ticket in our helpdesk (select the subject item “PC-Technology”).

When the computer arrives in WHV-SE54, it will be put onto a list. In order to avoid preferences and disadvantages, all computers are dealt with in this exact order. The space is limited. Usually, we can only store up to three computers at the same time.

Please note this:

  • Stationary computers (desktops, tower) should be handed in without cable etc.
  • Mobile computers (notebooks, laptops) should be handed in without bags etc, but with the appropriate power supply in any case.
  • Important user data (documents, tables, graphs etc.) must be copied onto an external data drive by the user before handing in the computer, because there will be a complete reinstallation. The university computing centre does not accept liability in the case of loss of data.

Extent of the Conversion Work

  • Stationary and mobile computers
    • Review of the hardware & BIOS/UEFI-Update
    • Installation, configuration and update of the operation system
    • Installation of a virus scanner
  • Only stationary computers
    • Integration into the domain of the Jade University
    • Installation of the software distribution
  • Only mobile computers
    • Installation and update of Microsoft Office and setup of Microsoft Outlook when picking up the computer.
    • Setup of the wireless data network „eduroam“

Further possibly neccessary software-products can not be installed by the university computing centre.

For the installation of specialist applications, you should address the staff of the respective department. Perhaps, you can also get information from the IT-representative of the department.

The conversion of the computers to Microsoft Windows 10 is going to take up some time, depending on the occupancy of the PC-technology, which cannot be calculated in advance.

For some stationary Dell OptiPlex computers, we have access to pre-configured installation-images. Due to this, the installation work is faster here than with any other mobile devices or brands.