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Windows 10 - Installation

When using the operation system Windows 10 at the Jade University, the following information need to be considered, in order to ensure a reliable and vast instigation that is data privacy-conform:


  • Make a backup of your data, if you do not want to install a new hardware with Windows 10. Save said backup on an external data drive.
  • In advance of the installation, you need to apply for a hostname at the computing centre, because this name is necessary for the installation. This process is described under Devices.
  • Creation of an appropriate installation medium:
    • Beneficiaries can find the installation medium in the network system of computers under X:\Downloads\Microsoft Campus\Windows. Create yourself an appropriate installation medium with aid of these ISO-files (e.g. on a CD or a USB flash disk)
    • Please only use Windows 10 in the Enterprise version. All the other available versions of Windows 10 do not meet the recommendations for data frugality. Here you can have an insight into the differences between the Microsoft Windows editions. Here you can find the data privacy statement.


  • Start of Installation: Select „User-Defined“. Have in mind, that locally existing data are being deleted.
  • Partitioning
    • First of all, delete all partitions.
    • Create a new partition with „New“. Either select the whole hard drive or only a part of it. When you wish for an integral drive size in the operation system Windows 10, you need to indicate the wanted size including an extra addition of 500MB (Legacy-Boot) / 566MB (EFI-Boot). Example: If you want a drive size of 100GB, you need to indicate a size of 100 x 1024MB + 500MB = 102900MB (Legacy Boot) / 100 x 1024MB + 566MB = 102966MB (EFI-Boot).
  • Under „Join Quickly“, please do not select “Use Express-Settings“) but „Adjust“. Slide all switchesoff“.
  • Under „Select Type of Connection“, please select „Join a Local Active Directory-Domain“.
  • Under „Create Account for this PC“ you need to assign a (local) username: * If the device is supposed to be integrated into the network system of computers later on, it needs to be registered in our Active Directory. (This normally applies to stationary PCs.) In this case, please do not use your username for the Jade University here, but - instead - your lower case first or last name. * If the device is not supposed to be integrated into the network system of computers later on, it does not need to be registered in our Active Directory. (This normally applies to notebooks.) In this case, please use your username for the Jade University**.
  • Under „Get to Know Cortana“, please select „Not Now“.

Finishing Work

  • Change the name of the computer into the hostname (form: pcXXXXX or moXXXXX) under System Control / System. Select the task force „HS-WOE“.
  • Install potentially missing device drivers.
  • Install an appropriate anti-virus software. Information can be found here.
  • Execute the Windows update and install all updates available for the operation system.
  • If you want your device to be part of the network system of computers, please address the PC-engineering of the university computing centre.