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Virtual Machines

The instigation of virtual machines on your host is possible under adherence to some rules. Please note the following:

  • For your virtual machines, you need to own a valid license for the operation system.
  • Not every software is licensed for the instigation of a virtualised environment.

Network Connection

The network connection needs to be executed with aid of the Network Address Translation (NAT). This is the standard setting of nearly all producers of virtualisation softwares. Here it is beneficial that you do not need to register your virtual machines at the computing centre. The IP-address assigned to the virtual machine must be originated from the area


The hostname of the virtual machine is always the hostname of the host and is completed by the addition –vm<x.


  • The PC, on which the virtual machines are being executed, may have the hostname pc12345.
  • This results is the hostnames pc12345-vm1, pc12345-vm2 etc., which refer to your virtual PCs.