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In the PC-technology, stationary and mobile service computers and peripheral devices of members of the university (excluding students) are configured, repaired and serviced.

The share of software in the service measures includes connection to the network, the operation system, the office-package, the control for malicious software and the data rescue.

The PC-technology is also responsible for the IT-components (computers, monitors, projectors) and the electric cabling of the tables in the PC-rooms run by the computing centre.

The execution of the „E-Check“ (periodic examination of the mobile electric equipment; DGUV regulation 3), as well as service measures of electric assemblies within the university computing centre and the PC-rooms are also tasks of the PC-technology.

The PC-technology can be found here:

Location Room
Elsfleth W 202
Oldenburg MR 107
Wilhelmshaven S E54