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To ensure an undisturbed instigation of all systems, it is necessary to register all devices, which are supposed to be connected via LAN, in advance (!) of the initial operation. When they are not being used anymore, they must be checked out.


Please report the following data to connect a network-compatible device to the commutation network via LAN:

  • type of device (PC, notebook, printer etc.)
  • producer
  • model
  • organisation unit
  • room
  • operation system
  • MAC-address of the LAN-adapter

Thereupon, you receive a host-name from the computing centre, which is distinct within the network. You should visibly attach it to your device (e.g. with aid of a dymo-labelwriter).

The host-name must (!) be inscribed into the device. Furthermore, your device needs to be tuned for DHCP, so that possible adjustments on the part of network instigation can be executed centrally by the computing centre. What is more, the following measures are required when connecting PCs or laptops:

  • Activate the firewall integrated into the operation system.
  • Install an appropriate antivirus software.


It is likewise important to check out devices that are not being used anymore. This helps to unblock needed resources for other devices.

Please report the following data, when you do not use a registered, network-capable device anymore:

  • hostname (e.g. on an adhesive label in the form pcXXXXX, moXXXXX etc.)
  • MAC-address of the LAN-adapter
  • (opt.) type of device (PC, notebook, printer etc.)
  • (opt.) producer
  • (opt.) model

Please remember to remove the adhesive label with the hostname from the device.