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Portal for Passwords

The portal for passwords can be found under the following address:

There you can change your current password and set up some safety questions, for the case of forgetting your password. You can also set up your smartphone to backspace your password.

The change of the password is going to have an impact on nearly all services, e.g. eCampus, e-mail, Wi-Fi, ownCloud etc. When having problems, please always check, if your new password is registered there, first.



The portal for passwords has been updated and looks a little different now. You can still have an insight into the expiration date of your user account after login under „Mein Konto“ (ENG: „My Account“) → „Meine Daten (ENG: „My Data“). If you see the value „null“ being entered, there is no expiration date set for your user account, yet.