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Periodic examinations of non-stationary electric operating resources according to VDE 0701-0702, DGUV regulation 3 and TRBS 1201

According to the labour protection law and the operational safety decree, non-stationary electric operating resources must be examined previous to the initial operation and afterwards, in certain time intervals. All findings must be documented.

Non-stationary electric operating resources in connection with the university computing centre are the following components:

  • multiple sockets
  • extension wires
  • low-heat supply lines of computers, monitors, printers
  • power racks
  • desk lamps, electric kettles, coffee machines
  • line-operated measurement devices, soldering joints, electric tools

The examinations include the following:

  • inspection for damage
  • measuring of the protective conductor resistance
  • measuring of the insulation resistance
  • measuring of the protective conductor current
  • measuring of the touch-current
  • measuring of the output voltage (at power supplies)

The examination will be executed with a special calibrated measurement device. All devices of the university computing centre and those in the PC-rooms run by the university computing centre will be examined.