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To store and manage your passwords, we suggest to use a password management software.



Basically, KeePass is a programme to manage your passwords. KeePass saves the usernames and respective passwords as well as some other data in a data base and encrypts and stores them as one file. The main functions are:

  • Saving of usernames, passwords etc.
  • Logging those as an encrypted file
  • Opening of the KeePass database with one (!) main key (e.g. a password)
  • Transfer of usernames and passwords into other programmes through the clipboard.
  • Automatic entry of username and password in the respective application (e.g. Firefox) via a global shortcut (Auto-Type).

During the first call, the data base is being created and the name for the respective file is being queried. Also, the main key (e.g. a strong and save password) needs to be entered at this point.


A specialised versoin of KeePass is KeePassXC. This is an open source version, which is accessible for all three operation systems (Apple macOS, Linus, Microsoft Windows). Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Open Source Variante, die für alle drei PC-Betriebssysteme (Apple macOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows) (Cross-Platform).

KeePassXC can be downloaded and installed here for all PC operation systems. (For Microsoft, the “EXE Installer (64-bit)” version normally suits best.)

Apple iOS

A specialised versoin of KeePass is MiniKeePass. This is a version, which has been optimised for Apple iOsS.

Google Android

A specialised version of KeePass is KeePass DX. This is an open source version, which has been optimised for Android.