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Mailing Lists

Usage of the Mailing Lists

Members of the Jade University can send e-mails to different groups of users via mailing lists. The currently public mailing lists are:

  • bedienstete(at) (Staff of the Jade University)
  • bedienstete-els(at) (Staff in Elsfleth)
  • bedienstete-ol(at) (Staff in Oldenburg)
  • bedienstete-whv(at) (Staff in Wilhelmshaven)
  • bedienstete-prof-whv(at) (Professors in Wilhelmshaven)
  • bedienstete-prof-ol(at) (Professors in Oldenburg)
  • bedienstete-prof-els(at) (Professors in Elsfleth)
  • studierende(at) (Students of the Jade University)
  • studierende-els(at) (Students in Elsfleth)
  • studierende-els-m(at) (Male Students in Elsfleth)
  • studierende-els-w(at) (Female Students in Elsfleth)
  • studierende-ol(at) (Students in Oldenburg)
  • studierende-ol-m(at) (Male Students in Oldenburg)
  • studierende-ol-w(at) (Female Students in Oldenburg)
  • studierende-whv(at) (Students in Wilhelmshaven)
  • studierende-whv-m(at) (Male Students in Wilhelmshaven)
  • studierende-whv-w(at) (Female Students in Wilhelmshaven)
  • fba-studierende(at) (Students in the Special Field Architecture)
  • fbbgg-studierende(at) (Students in the Special Field Civil Engineering, Geoinformatics and Healthtechnology)
  • fbi-studierende(at) (Students in the Special Field Engineering Science)
  • fbmit-studierende(at) (Students in the Special Field Management, Information, Technology)
  • fbs-studierende(at) (Students in the Special Field Seafaring)
  • fbw-studierende(at) (Students in the Special Field Economics)
  • itsfs-els(at) (IT-Service for Students in Elsfleth)
  • itsfs-ol(at) (IT-Service for Students in Oldenburg)
  • itsfs-whv(at) (IT-Service for Students in Wilhelmshaven)

The computing centre is then going to release the e-mail, right after it has been checked, whether the basic conditions have been met or not. The maximum size of message is 256 kB.