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At the moment, the Collaboration Cloud Storage (CCS) onyl consists of a cloud-based storage service for the central storing of files, which we offer by using the software “Nextcloud”. For this purpose, the Jade University has storage systems in Oldenburg, which create a copy of the files onto a system in Wilhelmshaven. The data are encrypted while being transferred, which ensures a high measure of security.

Right now, the following functions are available:

  • Central, individual storing of data and possibilities to synchronise them onto your end device with aid of a desktop client software. Staff of the university has 50GB for free disposal, studens can use up to 10GB.
  • Restoration of altered or deleted files.
  • Direct view of many multimedia- and standard file formats in the webbrowser.
  • Accessibility of group folders to work in teams.
  • Accessibilty of different WebApps to expand the features.
  • Possibility for the encryption of files.

With a webbrowser, members of the university can access the Collaboration Cloud - Storage (CCS) of the Jade University under

The previous service “CloudStorage (ownCloud)” has been decommissioned on the 05.08.2019. From now on, please use the Collaboration Cloud.