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Group-folders are folders outside of your personal memory area, which are not attributed to your personal storage contingent. They are, for instance, suitable for projects.

  • You can recognise the group-folders by the symbol .
  • Group-folders always start with the prefix „JHS“ (which stands for Jade Hochschule [ENG: „Jade University“])
  • By default, group-folders are not synchronised locally by the Nextcloud-Client.

You can apply for a group-folder via the ticket system. If you do, please supply the following information:

  • Name of the group-folder: The name needs to reflect the contextual aspect.
  • Persons, who need access to the group-folder: These persons have editing and writing access to the respective group-folder.

As long as you do not (or can not) make any further indications regarding the size of the needed group-folder, the default size is 1 GB. Please remember that storage is rather expensive in businesses, so please restrict it to what is really necessary.


Access to the group-folders happens as described under Files.