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Group-folders are folders outside of your personal memory area, which are not attributed to your personal storage contingent and are not deleted if you leave the university. They are, for instance, suitable for projects.

  • You can recognise the group-folders by the symbol .
  • Group-folders always start with the prefix „JHS“ (which stands for Jade Hochschule [ENG: „Jade University“])
  • By default, group-folders are not synchronised locally by the Nextcloud-Client.

You can apply for a group-folder via the ticket system. If you do, please supply the following information:

  • Name of the group-folder: The name needs to reflect the contextual aspect.
  • Owners of the group folder: These persons are responsible for and have writing access for the respective group-folder.
  • Members of the group:

These persons have writing access to the respective folder.

As long as you do not (or can not) make any further indications regarding the size of the needed group-folder, the default size is 1 GB. Please remember that storage is rather expensive in businesses, so please restrict it to what is really necessary.


Access to the group-folders happens as described under Files.