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Access via Software

Different software packages allow direct access to the Collaboration Cloud of the Jade University.


For a comfortable use, you can set-up the access to your data within the Collaboration Cloud once directly in LibreOffice. Proceed as follows:

  • File / Open from Server
  • Add Service
  • Type: WebDAV
  • Host:
  • Safe Connection: Active (Port: 443)
  • Labelling: JADE-HS - Collaboration Cloud
  • Root: /remote.php/webdav/
  • Username / Password: Short username (form: ab1xyz) and your password I’m the network system of computers.

Remark: At the end, you might be asked for a master key, depending on the operation system. This master key is the password for the central password- memory of the operation system. Type in the respective passsord for your password-memory (or confirm it in the box underneath, of you have not used the password-memory yet).

Subsequently, your complete file- and file structure will appear within the Collaboration Cloud for selection.