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Audio Player


The audio player is a music player for FLAC, MP3, MP4, streams and more with playlist support and Share Player.

  • multiple views (albums with covers and more)
  • library scan and reset with command-line and browser
  • specifying media folders (with exclusion function)
  • smart & standard playlists and playlist files
  • One Click Play from files app
  • external cover support
  • mobile view support
  • favourites function
  • sidebar function
  • search function
  • streaming of URLs

Audio Player App



With a webbrowser, members of the university can access the audio files in the Collaboration Cloud of the Jade University under

You can find them in the top menu bar of the app „Audio Player“.


  • Settings (bottom left corner)
    • Search for audio files in: Select / Adjust the position of the file, which is meant to be indicated, first.
    • Scan for audio files: Starts the search history and indicates the found audio files in a synopsis.