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Project HISinOne Introduction

HISinOne is an integrated, web-based software system for the university management which is well-developed by the modern standards with Open Source Technology. All processes for the applicants for a place at university, students, lesson plans, exams and degrees will be digitalized and connected. That means all data will be saved centrally and can be edited at different spaces or can be used as a database.

The HISinOne Campus-Management-System displays, after a full introduction, all necessary stations of the student's career. It combines a lot of functions of the every-day life of the University, like the administration of the students and their exams, and also the lesson- and room plans with the individual needs of the users.

With the introduction of the Campus-Management-Systems HISinOne the Jade University offers the students optimal basic conditions for a successful study and raises the attractivity of the University as a place of study and work.


Ulrich Hauptmann - project manager

Jutta Galts

Gabriele Macke



The Jade University decided to introduce the HISinOne Campus-management to replace old ones.

The project HISinOne started on the first of June 2013 at the Jade University. HISinOne will replace the old software systems with the new integrated, web-based system. The uneven surfaces will be simplified, the historical grown structure and processes and also the caused data redundancy will be replaced by the central data storage. HISinOne offers a holistic, customer-focused IT- solutions for all users. Because of the even concept and the central data storage all users receive access on individual data and services - at any time, at all places.


The HISinOne-Campus-Management displays all stations of a Student-Life-Cycle and accompanies all processes from the application across the study to the successful degree.

HISinOne accompanies students through the organisation of their study:

  • Assistance helps with the registration: Because of the integrated online application, you can follow up on current information about your course.
  • In your every-day life as a student you will use your individual portal for certain functions: timetable, exams, important certificates etc.I

The employees of the university are supported with well-thought-out interfaces, e.g. in the conception of study courses. The creation and maintenance of examination regulations, modules, course catalogues and everyday tasks, such as entering examination results or managing courses, is also made easier. The new examination management system fully complies with the requirements of the Bologna Process and is consistently geared towards modularized study programs.


Here you come to the HISinOne FAQ.

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