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Data Privacy

General and Inevitable Information

The computing centre of the Jade University (GER: Hochschulrechenzentrum; abbreviation: HRZ) takes your personal data very seriously. We treat it according to the respective legal prescriptions as well as the data privacy statement of the Jade University.

In different processes, the computing centre collects your personal data. Generally, personal data are data able to clearly identify a person. The register of processes of the computing centre, which is visible for all members of the university, gives an insight into which processes are used and which data collected and/or processed. The data privacy statement of the Jade University explains which data are collected and what they are used for. It also describes how and for which purpose this is done.

We point out that data transfer via the internet (e.g. when communicating via email) may hold security flaws. An all-over protection of data from third parties is not possible.

Remarks to be Directed at the Responsible Position

Please direct your remarks at:

Administration of the University Computing Centre, Mr Ulrich Hauptmann,